The Division of Isms.

On the surface the world is finding solutions to many problems that we face today, poverty, violence, sickness, Pollution etc even in our daily lives we face these at a smaller level, we’re never rich enough to buy the things we want to buy, the world around is never clean enough for us to find that outer peace, our bodies are never strong enough so that we can get away with eating anything we want and so on and so forth. And we do these things, we take these jobs, buy these brands of watches and clothes and shoes and phones & download all these apps and try to find in these a way to connect better to the world around us, to find ourselves amidst like minded people, to find appreciation and love and praise and what not.

But in the process we find that we’re still alone, the world does not understand us, it does not love us enough, people don’t get what I am really about. So I Scream, I value women, I am a feminist, I value my religion, my one true, why don’t you get it? this is so important, drop everything that you’re doing and listen to me, because what I say is absolute truth. So we scream, so we can be heard, we talk tough, we emphasize, we make this our lives, just need an excuse to talk about it, it’s my passion, I feel very strongly about it, why don’t you? you should do too. the world is racist, it’s sexist, did you say what i think you did, you’re racist, you’re sexist, you’re bigot. you don’t deserve what you have. This process of attack and defense- is this the way to life, to love? hatred is powerful- I hate the bigots, I hate those who love Donald trump, I hate those who make make fat jokes about obese women, I hate those who taunt my God, who don’t believe in my God. How Dare you? I hate you!


Hatred is powerful, but why hate when you can love, give to the world what you want back in return, you want love, show some love, compassion, the world needs compassion, yes the ones who you think are racist- they need it more than you think, yes, the one who don’t believe in your God- They can have some of that compassion too. Not because you’re right and their wrong but because you need to start finding a way to heal yourself. Hate is a great poison that you’ve been growing within you. it’s only a matter of time before you find that it’s not the way- not the way to joy- to love, to peace, to beatitude.

When we start dividing the world around us, good and bad, right and wrong, right and left, yes we get lost, we divide ourselves, our true being that is all encompassing and we become smaller and smaller, the more divisions you create, the more you suffer because the world you live in starts to shrink, the heart that is capable of so much love, so much joy starts to shrink. Do you really want to leave this world hating and smiting. Be happy, the sun shines above, the water tastes sweet, the cool breeze still flirts with you now and then. The good gracious sweetness of being beckons you. come back home, become a child again, drop your opinions, find that purity within yourself first, the world can take care of itself, you start with itself, the love that you want to see in the world- BE THAT. that joy you want to see around you. BE THAT. that compassion and forgiveness and love and kindness you want in your own life- give that before you can recieve. become a child again, a child of destiny, let go and just relax a bit. everything will be find. Drop your ‘Isms’ and embrace everything for everything is yours. The world was created for you, so you could play a bit. it takes no effort to be happy, just don’t carry whatever it is you want to carry. BE HAPPY!!



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